Frequently asked questions

What is Injera bread?

Injera is a sourdough flat bread, with a unique soft & spongy texture; visually it looks like a giant pancake. The bread is sour on its own but the sourness is counteracted when sauce is added to it, giving the perfect balance of taste. 

Though some do like the taste on its own if you're a fan of sour bread. It is used as the base of most meals (food is placed on it) & ripped into pieces to pick up the sauce with. The bread is useful for this as it is great at absorbing all the flavour from the food served on it.

Do you cater for events?

We do cater for events given we have staff available, please send an email to us or call in to speak to a manager to check availability.

What is a coffee ceremony?

Our coffee is freshly roasted & grounded to serve in a tradtional coffee pot (Jebena). We only use Organic Ethiopian Sidamo coffee beans for this ceremony; truly giving a pleasurable & unique taste. 

The coffee is suitable to share and traditionally served with popcorn.

What's in a vegetarian combination?

In a Vege combo we typcally serve multiple vegetarian dishes on a platter incorporating different flavours made with lentils and chickpeas along with a salad.

What's in a meat combination?

We typically serve multiple dishes incorporating Beef, Chicken & Lamb. We do have daily specials so please ask which we are serving if interested. If you have any special requests i.e. if you want to mix & match you're most welcome to ask. 

How can i rate my experience at your restaurant?

We are currently on Facebook & Google if you'd like to leave public feedback. For any issues please contact a manager in the restaurant or email us via the website and we will do our best to answer your questions/feedback.